The Way of the Soft Eye

The Bates Method for natural vision improvement as I apply it to my life.

Dodging Strain

Yesterday I saw the evening sun’s warm glow out in the yard and used a little chunk of free time to go put a Snellen on the sunny fence and look at it from 20 or so feet.  Once I shifted into looking for details and centralizing my attention things started to clear up in the most effortless way, very matter of fact.  I saw the 40/20 line clearly and there was no anxiety about it going away and it didn’t.   After 30 seconds I started to get blurry astigmatism while looking at an “O” but the best thing happened in that moment.  I simply blinked and looked away.  The line cleared right back up.  While this was happening, I saw that it is my reaction to the blur and astigmatism that keeps it in place.

Soon, I was seeing more than half on the 20/30 line for minutes.  I had a general feeling of hopefulness and peacefulness.  And that seeing clearly was the easiest thing in the world!