The Way of the Soft Eye

The Bates Method for natural vision improvement as I apply it to my life.

When Shall I Practice?

The answer is as often as I remember to practice.  As it has been said, there are as many hours in the day to practice correct vision habits as there are hours to practice wrong vision habits.  I am beginning to play with this concept in ernest.  If I am to ever reclaim my perfect natural eyesight I must treat my eyesight as if clarity is needed all the time.  As it stands, I spend the smallest fraction of my time paying attention to details and moving my eyes.  It has been lengthening lately and the quality of this time is getting better.  My trust in my natural ability to clear is increasing.  I trust that with longer time spent using my eyes in the best way I know, that my mind/eye system will start correcting the blur more and more.