The Way of the Soft Eye

The Bates Method for natural vision improvement as I apply it to my life.

Snellen & Effort

Read some BEWG last night befor bed and some more after waking this morning.  It has been many  months since I have read the chaptr on strain.  His writing struck me as incredibly lucid and to the point.  I think when I have read his words on strain in the past I was resisting their simplicity and focus on relaxation.  Maybe I was still relating to relaxation as if it is really hard and difficult to attain or I just wasn’t that familiar with what he meant by it and was attached to clear vision so I sort of rejected it.

This is the sentence that struck me:

We cannot by any amount of effort make ourselves see, but by learning to control our thoughts we can accomplish the end indirectly.

As I was working with the chart this morning for 20 min. I noticed I was straining a little more that usual and I was unhappy with the resulting blur.  When clearness becomes a reason for strain and I feel too anxious to close my eyes and meditate, that is a sign that I may not have any progress or relaxation of the visual system, not until I breathe and relax.  Breathing and relaxing can seem so lame and hard and boring and excruciating. At these time it might be best to just forget about the chart and sit somewhere away from it and take a break.  Maybe in silence with no distraction.

I did close my eyes for about five minutes and when I opened them the chart was clearer.  But the strain came right back because I was still relating to the chart as outside me and something which takes effort to see.

When it become permenent, the correction is permanent.

This relaxation cannot however, be obtained by any sort of effort. It is fundamental that a person should understand this; so long as he thinks, consciously or unconsciously, that relief from strain may be obtained by another strain, the improvement will be delayed.

How to identify strain? Relaxation through meditation; timed and moment to moment.